• Nah Lee and Rick Staelin. "Hospital Text Reviews: Patients' Perceptions and Hospitals' Reactions." (previously titled: “Hospital Reviews, Clinical Quality of Care, and Providers’ Response.”) Working paper.

  • “Patient Experience: Dynamic Insights from Online Reviews for Healthcare Service Providers.” Work in progress.

  • "The Role of Online Reviews in Hospital Competition." Work in progress.

  • “Biased Reviews and De-biasing by Consumers.” Work in progress.

OTHER AREAS _________________________

High-Skilled Emigration

Product Recalls

  • Nah Lee and Manpreet Hora. “Effect of Perceived Quality and Other Recall Characteristics on Abnormal Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Automobile Recalls.” Working paper. 2013.

Bayesian Weather Forecasting

(with National Weather Service, under NSF Grant ATM-0641572, PI: Roman Krzysztofowicz)
  • Roman Krzysztofowicz, Nah Lee and Zack Armentrout. “Sufficient Statistics of Ensemble Forecast for Bayesian Processor of Ensemble.” Working paper. 2013.

  • Roman Krzysztofowicz and Nah Lee. “Bayesian Fusion of Ensemble and High Resolution Forecasts.” Working paper. 2013.

  • Roman Krzysztofowicz, Nah Lee and Zack Armentrout. “Stochastic Properties of Ensemble Forecast: A Bayesian Perspective.” Working paper. 2013.

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